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The need for product and engineering teams to deliver on commitments has never been higher.

Allstacks is the most complete outcome-driven software intelligence platform in the market. We help some of the world’s largest engineering organizations deliver on their commitments more accurately through our predictive forecasting analytics.

When you deploy the Allstacks platform across the enterprise and plug it into software development tools like Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket, and CircleCI, you now have a unified system of intelligence that allows product and engineering teams to better align on their process, people, and outcomes allowing them to work more effectively.

The ability to deliver on commitments more consistently is one of the most important focus areas for the modern enterprise as it directly impacts other parts of the organization such as sales, marketing, and customer success. Allstacks was created to help organizations deliver on their commitments.

Allstacks is a Practice!

If the goal of the engineering org is to deliver high-quality software on time, it is accomplished by understanding how your team is performing today via metrics. Metrics inform your teams of their strengths and areas for improvement. Use metrics to set risks/goals to make sure individual items (PRs, stories, etc) do not fail in silence. Your risks/goals are used to call out items that impede delivery, via the Allstacks Portfolio & Milestone reports.


Using Allstacks